31 May 2008

Final Countdown

5:30am. My reflection in the bathroom mirror looks a little shell-shocked. Last night climaxed in a frenzy of 3-D geometry (what is the term?? too sponge-headed to know), scanning the kitchen over and over again to see what could fit, and what was light-weighted enough to put into, the box at hand.

Boxes, boxes, boxes. They have been sprouting like mushrooms all over the house. I never got to write about the day it started, and I couldn't bear to pack a single cookbook. Mark had broken the ice, putting a few things away, and I couldn't stand it.

Now -- now that Uni is gone, everything's changed. Maybe it hit home that change is inevitable. Maybe I just didn't want to be alone with Sumi anymore in this house. Who knows. But everything changed, and the move was on, and now the truck will be here in...four hours.

More to share, but I must go and (you guessed it) pack. Besides, Mark just brought me a martini glass with orange juice in it. One of our only unpacked glasses. Amazing how alcoholic it LOOKS, just being in that shape.