06 July 2007

rage, rage against the dying of the light

i am at the end of the most intense 36 hours of my life. been up since waking up for breakfast on the plane, not knowing whether my mother had passed away while mark & i were somewhere over the pacific ocean. but when we made it to narita airport, and i called, she was still hanging on, and another LONG two hours later, we ran into the hospital, family friends waving us in from the sidewalk. and when i fell on my knees by her bed, she saw me, and gave me the most brilliant, unforgettable smile. but that's not all: she hung on for another 16 hours, defying the doctors' expectations by more than 10 fold -- and under the constant vigil of my father, mark, and two close family friends, spent a whole night and daybreak with me/us until her last labored breath at 8:01am Pacific Time. it was the most torturous and beautiful experience i've ever survived. she is truly a formidable, courageous woman, and i learned more from her in the last three days than i ever imagined possible.

and i know it would never have happened were it not for the powerful prayers from all continents, filling her spirit with the precious extra strength. so thank you, everybody. you know who you are.

thank you.


Sakura Girl said...

Your beautiful mother! She's unforgettable!

Maria-Emiko, I am so sorry at the devastating news, and glad you & Mark made it to her side as she waited for your arrival. Take care of your dad.
~ Naomi & Steve (Cincinnati)

Deb said...

Emi and Mark,

I've been thinking of you and your Mom often over these past few days. I'm so sorry for your loss and my heart is warmed by your final hours together.

Love, Deb

BarbaraMisaki said...

I have recieved the ISSH email and I am sorry to hear for your loss. I am glad you were able to be with your mom.
I will be praying for you and your family.
God bless you!

love Barbara Misaki Reder-Mescallado(Hawaii)