25 March 2008

one step closer

Mark & Elliot just got out of a sit-down with the owner and broker of the location for which we have our fingers crossed. The lease ("letter of intent") has been through their initial offer, our counter offer, their counter to our counter, and our counter to their counter to our counter. So this was a meeting where they ironed out a few more points in person. Apparently there are a couple of items still to finalize, but things are looking good -- very, very good. So, I'll share the neighborhood, at least: Venice.

More details when the lease is signed?!?

Meanwhile, the pile of unmade cardboard boxes in the corner of our eat-in kitchen seems to be calling out, "Time to build us! Time to fill us up! Don't think you can pack the whole house in a day!" Just a bit daunting. Just.

Cats will have no idea what hit'em....

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