05 April 2008

to choose or not to choose

Update on the Venice location: the grease interceptor problem looks to be fine. Mark and Elliot met with an engineer last week and they've basically figured it out. (Times like this, it helps enormously that Elliot is, among *many* other things, a petroleum engineer!!) Now, the ball is once again in the owner's court, as they work out a few more terms on the agreement. And assuming that goes through -- the next step is to actually sign the lease. Gulp.

BUT, there's that other pot on the stove: the second location, also on the West Side -- in Santa Monica. This is the one that is currently a restaurant (greasy Chinese fast food), and it's also a great location, with ample parking, AND cheaper rent to boot. So after looking at it and conducting many an interview with passersby and local vendors, M&E have put in an offer on that place as well... and expect to hear back by Wednesday.

If the counteroffer is good, then we'll be in a terrific position to make a choice. One of the major considerations, of course, is cost -- the price difference on renovations alone will be at least $70,000. And if there IS no choice, we'll move ahead with the Venice location. The tricky part, of course, is the timing -- if we get a decent counteroffer from the Santa Monica broker, and want to see where the negotiations go, while talks with Venice get to a point where we've got to sign it or drop it.

It's like dating. You've got your first impressions. Then comes the talking. You hit it off. Then you find out a few things, like the guy's got a grease interceptor problem, and you also start wondering if he's talking to someone else. Meanwhile, you meet this other guy who's a little rougher around the edges, but you see the potential, and go out for a coffee or even a drink -- hoping it's still a while before you have to really, really choose. Or -- whether you're going to have a choice at all.

I'm not packing any boxes yet. But, Mark is back (thank god, mwa) and he claims he's going to build a bunch and fill them up before he jets back to LA again. If he does -- maybe I'll help.

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