02 September 2008

pieces of the puzzle

The ovens arrived today. Or rather, our new ovens were put in place (took a few good men to stack'em on top of one another), so the kitchen "line" -- the line-up of equipment and cooking workflow -- is close to completion. And having the ovens there now means Mark has begun playing with big slabs of meat and flocks of chicken to test out the temperature gauge, figure out the menu and perfect some recipes. A looooot of work to be done.

And MEANWHILE, I'm working with my friend Lars on the website; narrowing down uniform options for the staff; formatting the logo for printing on bags and stuff; and trying to come up with a look & design for the bathroom. Who knew sink basins could be so expensive -- or made of bamboo? I think there's more but I've put away my to do list for the day.

I've now heard Mark say "October 1st" for an opening day. Some days that seems doable.

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Mick said...

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