19 October 2008


A before-and-after:

The ugly-ass bathroom: approximately 5ft x 9ft of dirty white paint; chipped mirror; tacky toilet seat; plastic fast-food waste basket; gas station sink & faucet; horrible brick red tile floor (already ripped up in these pictures and smoothed over with concerte)...

...Now with pretty pink paint made with eggshells; stained concrete floor; toilet seat cover holder and industrial paper towel dispenser are gone; tacky toilet seat and gas station yet to be replaced...but at least the sink is no longer crooked. Wish we could replace that awkward piping under the sink, but between the shoddy original work and a web of strict ADA (disbility) requirements, there's little we could afford to do right now to pass inspections. Hence the shape of the new mirror too (the picture is just of the wood frame but will soon have a new reflective surface added to it. Also more decor to come.

Other fun pics: our tables... with bistro-style "Bentwood" chairs... lots of scrounging to find enough of these...

The storefront... with stained mortar replacing the red Chihuahua tiles... I'm not really sold on the orangy trim color but repainting it is waaaaay down on the priority list...and we may not see much of it once the awning is in.

And our sales bags! They feel like thin plastic bags but they're made from recycled materials and biodegradable after 9 months. The "logo" is dark brown, with orange and ivory lettering (though the ivory really is a punch-out that shows the ivory material of the bag).

Better pics of the floor tiles to come, too. And the ceiling. And not the deli cases are in... and more shelving...it's definitely looking like a store now! Apparently the "coming soon" sign went up today and they had a stream of people stopping by. Hopefully all the recent anxiety about the economy will encourage a return to simple pleasures (i.e. eating well) and supporting local, independent businesses like ours.


Javier E. said...

The tables and chairs are just like what I thought they would be. The tripod style supports look great. You guys are doing such a superb job!

Andrew Bellware said...

It looks like it's going to be really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

looks great! I especially like the chair to rest your feet on whilst you're on the toilet. :)

can't wait till it opens --


Anonymous said...

The storefront is looking amazing compared to the earlier neon sign photos! I like how you covered up the red tile.

Love the cement floor in the bathroom, too.

Can't wait to hear about opening day!

Laura, Queen of Mars said...

I love how warm it looks from the sidewalk and all the way through!