22 November 2008

Final countdown?

Now that was a LONG cliffhanger -- I know. Apologies. I was somewhat defeated after the last entry, when it turned out that that "big" inspection was a "framing" inspection by the LADBS, for the new dropceiling and a swinging gate we put next to the deli case. That would have to be followed by a "nailing" inspection (where they make sure we're using the right nails), and a "screwing" inspection... you get the idea.

But wait! There's more. The electrical... the plumbing... the ADA... and yet another health inspection (despite the fact that we already got an "A" four months ago).

There was a rather hairy moment with a plumbing/water resource issue that came out of left field -- but fortunately, we squeaked over that hurdle. So the good news is that now we've passed EVERY INSPECTION... except the final (and redundant) health inspection, which we're still waiting on because our inspector is, of all things, now on jury duty.

Mark and Elliot have been interviewing people all week, after getting hundreds of responses within minutes of posting this ad on Craig's List:

The Curious Palate, a new Market & Kitchen on Venice Blvd. in Mar Vista, specializing in farm-to-table cooking and artisanal provisions and cheeses, is seeking full and part-time employees.

Our ideal candidate:
- Provides excellent customer service, makes customers laugh and can speak passionately about artisan cheeses and foods
- Is hardworking, never idle
- Is very friendly and gets along well with coworkers
- Has loads of enthusiasm even under pressure
- Is a great team player with a positive attitude
- Is driven to learn
- Is passionate about seasonal, local comfort food… and CHEESE!

Experience in food service, retail, or cheese is a plus, but the passion and desire to learn is the most important attribute of a successful candidate. 8 hour shifts will fall in the range of 9 AM – 9 PM. Weekend and evening hours will be required. Starting salary is negotiable and a competitive benefits package is available after six months of employment. We are currently seeking employees who can commit to us for at least a year.

Are you ready to join us in our mission to educate the world on the pleasures of slow food and great cheese? Then send us your resume now, along with a cover letter letting us know why this job is perfect for you!

They've met a few promising canditates so far -- for this "cheese" position as well as for the sous chef position -- so they should be making a decision soon, perhaps after a test day of cooking/working together next week.

Meanwhile, we've had a few more tastings and a nice family dinner at the Curious Palate. So here are some pictures to, uh, whet your appetite!

Looking toward the café area, with the POS (point of service = cash register) in the foreground.

LEFT: Looking toward the retail area and the beverage case. Shelving for the products has been installed since this picture was taken.

RIGHT: View from the entryway. The hanging blackboards (crafted from wood we preserved from demolishing the ceiling) will be used to display the menu. By next Wednesday, these deli cases should be full (or at least partially full) of cheeses and charcuterie.

The Cannon boys in the kitchen. (From left: Mark, Dave, Jack (dad) and Teddy.)

Buffet-ing off the top of the deli cases. In the foreground is a vat of the most delicious coleslaw on Earth.

Elliot and Keri -- working on seconds?

My darling friends Hana and Kyle, who had just finished moving into their new, absolutely charming DREAM home in Santa Monica (we're now neighbors -- yay!). Here, a commemorative picture of the hungry couple as our first "to go" customers.

Next week, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving at the store. More pics to come! And good eats to all....


Andrew Bellware said...

The store is beautiful!

Just wait for the NOODLE inspector! ;-)

Emi Macuaga said...

You RULE!!!

Will you be out here for a market? Maybe early next year? If so beware we will feed you like a band of Jewish mothers.

Inspector Noodle