05 December 2008

Blast off!

Thursday, December 4th, 2008, 10am -- The Curious Palate opened its doors, officially, to the public.

The last week has been beyond chaotic, with Thanksgiving (catering to the families of my friends Hana & Lisa -- our first paying customers!):

...TWO dinner "tastings," one on Saturday and another on Monday:

...and now, finally, the opening. Needless to say Mark has been cooking for about 23 hours a day, and Elliot has been...well, I don't think he's sat down or stood still for two months now, so one could say that's nothing new. I too have been caught deeper in the vortex than ever before, the epitome of which was handwriting one retail label after another last night at the store until 3:30am (you know the line between "late" and "early" have been crossed when the morning news comes on NPR) -- then came home and sliced up the cheese and charcuterie labels. Of course, Elliot trailed behind me by another hour and a half... madman....

But, I'm happy to report that the first day went absolutely swimmingly. People stopped by all day; at one point our tables were full (one occupied by me and more labeling materials); and there was lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing -- many just sighs of sheer delight that we were, at long last, open. (Apparently it seemed long to those hungry people who walk or drive by every day too.) There is definitely MUCH more to do, but Mark said one family came by tonight and stayed for dinner, and the two kids raved: "It's the best restaurant we ever ate in!!!".... which, in my book, makes it all worthwhile.

I have to say... the store looks and feels like just the place we'd imagined. Again, there are SO many more dimensions to add... one prism color at a time.

Just happy we're off to a good start. Cheers!

P.S. A few of our retail offerings to whet your palate. Edible love :)


Jen D said...

Yaaaayyyyy!!!! Can't wait to come back and taste more food!

mh said...

Wow, congratulations! We can't wait to come down and have lunch/dinner!!

Emi Macuaga said...

Thanks -- you'd better!! And tell all your culver city/westside friends/co-workers.... oxoxox