19 May 2007

chicken or cheese?

Planning a trip to Los Angeles for June 7th-10th. Airline prices keep bouncing around (and creeping up), though, which is never fun. What a mystery. It's going to be so weird going back to LA thinking we might be moving back there again. Wish we could stay longer than three nights, but we can't bear to use up all our vacation days just yet. God knows we'll need them later this year.

A little background info: LA is on the plate (no pun) as an option for the store, because Mark has a best friend there who would be the perfect business partner -- food-wise, experience-wise, personality-wise -- but he's got a wife and two kids who are rooted in SoCal and we couldn't ask them to pick up and move. Plus, LA could use a good gourmet store.

But -- the other question is: will this be a chicken store (specializing in real, organic, local-farm rotisserie chickens, marinated in a choice of gourmet flavors) -- or a cheese & homemade foods store (think: Boulette's Larder in San Francisco, or Little Next Door in LA, or Formaggio Kitchen in Boston)? The chicken joint, which we call Firebird Roasting Company for now, could turn into a money-making machine with possible franchising opportunities. But in the end... I think the food store, which we call Bluestone Market, is closer to our hearts. I can't wait to decorate that place.

So, we'll see. I doubt the answers will be clear even after the trip. But you never know.