30 May 2007

our opening move

So, we sent off a letter to our landlady and her brother. (Long story on why her brother is involved.) Essentially, we laid out two options. First: if they give us two months' rent, plus use our security deposit as our last months' rent, we would agree to leave as early as September 30th. Second: we would give them two months' notice as soon as we know when we can move, which may be as late as the end of our lease (end of February 2008).

September 30th may seem really far off, but seeing as it's already June, and that I'll most likely be in Japan for at least six weeks around August, Mark & I agreed that's the earliest sane option. Still makes my stomach turn to think about it, but if we get those months paid for, maybe we can hire real movers for a change.

Anybody care to hazard a guess on their response?

P.S. The pic is of our oft-flooded basement.


Javier E. said...

A September date will give you very little time and more pressure than you need. Wouldn't it be better to stay until the end of the lease?

Emi Macuaga said...

We actually got her reply this morning. But before I reveal the answer, I'm curious what you all think.

Deb said...

Unless there is some crazy term in your lease, hold out for more money--sounds like the landlord needs your help more than you need to be nice and move early. This blogging is fun!